Every other home in Toronto and Mississauga has a duct system installed in it and it was for a long time that central heating and cooling has remained the most widely used home heating method. However, a shift has recently taken place and people are now preferring ductless system over the duct system keeping the benefits that it offers and also the headache of duct maintenance that it takes away.
Below we discuss the prime reasons why homeowners are preferring to shift to ductless systems.

Energy Efficiency - Saves up to 30%

A lot of energy is lost in the ductwork as the air flows through it. The ductless system helps save up to 30% energy by taking the duct out of the equation. 

Supreme Indoor Comfort using Zoning features

The latest zoning feature has fascinated homeowners, even more, to shift to ductless. The reason being the ability to warm/cool different indoor spaces differently with separate Thermostats. Also, the unused spaces need not be treated, unlike the duct system in which the system warm/cools the entire space.

Easy Installation and DIY maintenance

The installation of a ductless mini-split system is far easier than the duct system. For a duct system to be installed, the ductwork needs to be installed prior to it which itself takes several thousand dollars and a huge space. Comparatively, the ductless is easy to install and takes only a couple of hours to be fully installed. Also, maintenance is relatively easy. Homeowners can easily clean the filters of the interior unit while the outdoor unit can also be washed with a low-speed hose.

Accommodation and Replacement ease

People are now living in small rooms and apartments. Such spaces can't afford ductwork installation and leave homeowners with the choice of space heaters or room coolers. Ductless mini-split offers a space-saving solution in this case. Also, replacement and relocation is easy. So if you change homes, you can take your system with you.

Several indoor units supported by one outdoor unit

The latest mini-split ductless units of Lennox and York support up to 5 indoor units with only one outdoor compressor unit. This suggests that the temperature of different areas can be controlled differently. A huge amount of energy can be saved this way.

Cooling as well as heating solutions

Earlier, the mini-split ductless units were only used as home cooling. The latest technology has allowed their usage for home cooling as well as for home heating.

Safer for home and locality

The conventional duct systems contain large piping outside of the exterior walls. This has often served as an inlet for burglars. The mini-splits units, with no such pipping, provides safety and saves from such unhappy incidents.

There are convincing reasons why homeowners want to shift to ductless mini-split units for home cooling and home heating. The previous year showed an increase in the purchase of split systems. Also, some latest models are now offering air cleaning features within a mini-split unit as well.

Are you still on central heating/cooling or have made a successful shift to ductless mini-splits?
How is our experience with the mini-split systems?

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