Energy saving tips for holidays

December is coming and so is Christmas; which means the holiday season is here. You'll be spending more time at home, there will be giving and taking of gifts and the heating appliances will be used almost constantly. All of this suggests that energy bills will rise. Since there are a lot of other expenditures in winters, it is important to keep other expenses in control. And energy bills is something which can be controlled easily. In this blog, we'll share 5 energy saving tips so that your energy bills don't disturb your expenses and you could enjoy your holidays.

- Christmas lights is a good idea 

Instead of spending on costly decoration lights which consume a whole lot of energy, a better idea is to choose Christmas lights. These lights not only illuminate the area well but are also more energy efficient. So when you are out to make the Christmas decoration purchase, make sure to buy wisely. Decorate but decorate economically. This will save you some dollars for exclusive holiday meals.

- Timers help save! 

The sun is out there for an entire day to give us free light. It is, therefore, unwise to turn the light on even in the day. This tip is not just for holidays. It's a lifetime tip to use timers for lights. So that the lights are turned on only when it gets dark. Sometimes, the lights are left turned on by mistake for long hours or as you leave for a weekend out of the town. One benefit of timers, in this case, is that the lights automatically turn off after 6 hours.

- Gifting HVAC stuff? Choose wisely!

This holiday season, if you are planning to gift an HVAC appliance or accessory to a friend or family, make sure to purchase an energy efficient unit. This will help them save and the saving will make your gift an exclusive gift for them.

- Cook smartly!

In holidays, there's a lot of cooking and meet-ups. Plan your meals well before time so that you don't have to cook meals separately and can place two, three dishes together in the oven. This will save on energy bills. You could also think of washing the dishes yourself instead of using a dishwasher, using a microwave for quick cooking instead of using a conventional oven which takes longer. Together, this will help save.

-  Use a Programmable Thermostat 

 Upgrading to a programmable thermostat will help in saving a whole lot of energy and will also ensure a comfortable indoor environment for you and your guests. With snowfall outside, the home inside will be perfectly warm. Like a warm toaster.

A lot of us are worried about tight budgets these days. Some people think saving is not possible. The truth is, it's all about managing the usage. We have just told how by managing the energy usage at home, you could manage to save a great deal on energy bills.
Looking for more energy efficient ideas? Explore our blog. We have a lot more to share.


5 smart ways to cool factory floor

While we are concerned about making our homes cooler, making the workplaces cool especially places like factories is a matter equally important. A factory with a bad temperature will create problems not only for the workers but will also add to damaging the installed equipment and the manufactured products. With a constant operation and a constant release of heat, the machinery gets heated and this heat heats up the factory floor as well. The high temperature could be bearable in winters or under normal climate but this certainly goes beyond bearable in summers. Today, we are sharing some smart and cost-effective tips for maintaining a desirable temperature in factories and actively combating heated factory floor.

- Door & Windows - Make use of this blessing 

Every factory has its own requirements. While many factories are bound to work in a sealed environment, there are many others that are not bound by such limitations. In such factories, the simplest of all ways to cool the floor and the overall environment is to let the doors and windows open. Doing so at the right time and with the right strategies will expel a lot of heat resulting in a cooler environment.

- The wonder of HVLS fans 

The high volume - low-speed fans are larger than ordinary fans and follow the principle of high volume with low speed. As they operate, they help break the hot-spots and also create an effective and significant temperature difference of 7%. While these fans could be stand alone, they can also operate in tandem with the HVAC system.

- HRV system 

A heat recovery system is one of the best investments that can be made in order to maintain a desirable environment on the factory floor. Since this system will run to expel the heat and continue introducing fresh air in the indoor, the heat will not accumulate on the floor not causing any hot spots.

- Choosing between Central Cooling or Evaporative Cooling 

Here's a choice you have to make carefully. Evaporative cooling is a wonderful and compatible choice for low humidity climates as this creates a cooling effect while also lifts the humidity level. However, in highly humid climates, evaporative cooling is not a good idea. In that case, Central Cooling works best. In case of severe conditions, a combination of HVLS fans can be used, as mentioned above.

- Sealing and zoning in the factory floor 

We understand that not the entire building needs the same temperature. It is evident that offices and factory space have different temperature requirements but even in the factory space, not all units have the same temperature requirements. Overall overheating of the factory floor can negatively affect some units. A smarter choice, in this case, is incorporating a zoning system so that the units needing extra cooler temperature can be kept accordingly.
But as the desired temperature requirements are created and the needed equipment is installed, make sure that the factory floor is also properly sealed so that the cooling does not escape and the system does not have to run constantly.

Does your factory incorporate ways to cool the factory floor? If yes, how? And how effective does it prove to be?