5 Advantages of using Smart Thermostats

How many homes in the Greater Toronto Area complain about their fatty energy bills? A lot more than you think. Although the use of Thermostats has increased drastically in the recent times and Thermostat promises to reduce energy loss, there are still some homes unable to beat the devil of higher energy bills. Among many reasons, one reason is the use of cheap and old technology Thermostats. The ongoing trend is of smart thermostats. Haven't heard everyone's talking about smartness? Smart Phone, smart tablets, and smart people by the way. Smart people choose none other than smart technologies and the Smart Thermostats are one among such. If you're still running an old model of Thermostat with your heating and cooling appliances, here we're highlighting 5 advantages of using Smart Thermostats for you; Ready? Let's go!

1. Covers up your forgetfulness

They aren't smart just by name, they perform smartness too. Although other thermostats have an automatic inbuilt function too, the thing that makes this genre special is that they learn your schedules and automatically turn off or on the appliance as you come and go. This saves a lot of energy and ultimately reduce the energy bills. To say in the other words; you can now be forgetful happily about your home comfort heating and cooling appliances since the Smart Thermostats will cover your forgetfulness smartly.  

2. Operate from anywhere

All that one wishes after a tiresome day is to come back home and fall on the cosy bed to go into the dreamland. But a cosy bed is not enough when it's the extreme hot Summer or the intense cold Winters since a moderately warm temperature is necessarily needed to bring an ultimate warmth. But who like to wait when there's tiredness and drowsiness? Using a Smart Thermostat you can now turn your appliances ON while you're still in your car or are leaving the office. These gadgets can be operated through a smartphone. So if you have a smartphone and a smart thermostat, bet no one enjoys a more comfortable sleep than you after a tiresome day.

3. Easy to use

If you're tired of making mistakes while operating your Thermostat, you should probably consider purchasing a Smart Thermostat and there's a reason to that. By name, they may sound complex to use gadgets, they're basically a lot easier than the conventional ones. Specially, if you're found all the time on your smartphone, you'll have no problem operating a smart thermostat.

4. Gives Energy Usage Report

Smart Thermostat Energy Report

When energy bills are in hand, people begin to wonder how come they received such fatty bills? The energy bills do not show the report of individual appliance energy usage but Smart Thermostats are very smart to do that as well. These gadgets give energy usage report of appliances to help you learn when and how much your appliance has run. This feature is not available in conventional thermostats.

5. Email Alert Feature

Smart Thermostat Email Alerts

Just like a Smart Thermostat can be operated via smartphone when you're inside or away from home, the email alert feature also helps in getting the notifications of the functioning of the appliances. Interestingly if the thermostat itself turns off due to power unavailability, you are notified about that as well.


In these times of hustle and bustle, it is difficult to keep a check on your appliances but on the same hand, it is also important to do something to reduce the energy bills. Therefore, keeping the above mentioned advantages, switching your thermostat type is probably something you should seriously think on. It is wise to invest in home comfort appliances and gadgets that are not only efficient but also make sure to provide to ultimate home comfort while also saving lots of dollars. Smart Thermostats is one such wise choice.


What is a Red Tag Furnace and how to fix it?

Residential Furnaces are used for heating homes. Their source of heat may be electric power or fuel. The oil/gas contractor or grid is responsible for providing energy to the furnaces which are responsible for heating the water running through the radiator or the hot air blown by the blowers through the heating ducts. Furnaces can be categorised on a different basis. Their general categorization, however, can be made like this:
  1. Mid-efficiency furnaces
  2. High-efficiency furnaces

The former type of furnaces are about 80% efficient. They have a combustion chamber below the heat exchanger. It warms the air circulated by the blower through the heating ducts. The lighter combustion gases are then vented out through the chimneys.
The later type of furnaces are 90% efficient. These furnaces are also called condensing furnaces. They have an additional heat exchanger which extracts the heat from the combustion gases before they are vented out of the chimneys. Now that we're done with the general types of Furnaces, it is now the time to learn what is a Red Tag Furnace.

A Red Tag Furnace:

A red tag is a product warning tag. By warning, it means that the appliance is no more safe to use and is dangerous for human beings residing inside homes. A red tag is issued by a licensed technician placed on the gas appliances, gas
pipes or oil pipes supplying oil as a fuel to the boiler.Example of a red-tag is a gas appliance having a defective heat exchanger. If the heat exchanger is defective, gas will leak through it which may then get mixed with the gases blown inside homes. The leaked gases through heat exchanger contains carbon monoxide which is hazardous. Carbon-monoxide accumulates in the blood which lowers the blood capability to carry oxygen. When someone receives a red-tag, local utility is notified and natural gas or oil supply is disconnected for safety. So that's what a Red Tag furnace is. Clear now? Let's not move towards fixing of a Red Tag Furnace.

Fixing a Red Tag Furnace:

A red tag furnace must be repaired or replaced. After receiving a red-tag, immediately call a licensed contractor who provides home comfort services like Cosmopolitan Heating and Cooling that provides services of repairing and replacing red-tag furnaces. Remember that the severity of warning varies according to the emission of carbon monoxide. The licensed technician may identify an immediate danger and cut off the natural gas supply immediately or may give a stipulated time to repair or replace the Red Tag Furnace.


If you care for your life and the life of others, it is highly recommended to fix the Furnace whenever it is tagged red. The tagging is done for the safety and security of homeowners so the homeowners should also consider the seriousness of the matter so that neither they get harmed nor someone because of them.  

On a final note, taking a Red Tag Furnace lightly is never a good idea. Fix it as soon as possible.