Home renovation and Furnace usage: Reason behind the dirty and used furnace

Construction or renovation of a home is a messy process that brings sawdust, paint fumes and many other airborne particles that you would not even think to breathe in. These particles are not even suitable for the HVAC equipment either! 
Since new home construction has started to pick up again, do not let your Furnace be used as a ‘ construction heater.’ This construction dust is highly likely to enter heat exchanger, burner area, venting system, and in the blower housing and wheel.

HVAC technicians warn that you must not turn the Furnace or Air Conditioner on while you’re either renovating or constructing home. Dust like sawdust, paint fumes, drywall dust or glue vapours enter the system through return air vents and clog the equipment causing severe strain - especially the drywall dust that tends to infiltrate the whole system.

We helped to shine a light on some of the issues about furnace usage and construction that every homeowner must know about. 

Why Your home’s new furnace is USED

Homeowners often feel cheated when they discover the furnace that they expected to be un-used in their brand new home is used by the builders first. In general, no builder is allowed to run a residential furnace during construction – especially when the house is in the drywall phase.

Back in 2016, a stand was taken by the furnace manufactures where the industry adopted a position that gas furnaces will not be permitted to use in Canada when the building will be under construction!

In case the furnace is to be used in the last stages of construction, the following condition should be met!

The interior drywall should be installed and taped.

The system’s supply air and return air opening must be sealed to reduce the infiltration of dust. The purpose is to protect the system prior to and during drywall installation and woodworking.

The building must be thoroughly free from drywall dust and debris.

A new furnace rated at MERV 11 or finer must be installed.

The necessary arrangement should be made with fuel distributor to figure out the furnace subsequent to it being employed for finishing the heat. 

What should you do when the furnace was operating during construction?

If you suspect the furnace being operated either during home building or renovation, follow these two steps to stop the problem before it gets worse.

Firstly, don’t panic; instead, do a visual inspection by taking off the front panel. If you suspect drywall isn’t okay; look for the evidence of damage right away. The harm or damage could be seen like a small bag of flour exploded in there.

Secondly; consider calling a knowledgable HVAC professional who can advise you about the best available options. You can avoid the furnace from being caked with the sawdust or drywall by having the air ducts cleaned before moving in. But it will not always be the case. Better hire a pro HVAC technician to get the best help!

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