When you should consider installing a Dehumidifier and how would it benefit you

So do you like summers? If not, you probably don't like it because of the scorching heat that it brings. And did you know, everytime you felt exhausted because of hot temperature, it was not only the temperature but the humidity as well that made you feel that way? Humid air makes the air feel warmer than it actually is. So as you make efforts to cool the indoor air in Summers, there are steps that you need to take regarding maintaining a desirable level of humidity if you wish to enjoy comfort in the indoors in summers. This is particularly needed for homes that are built in a way or are situated at places that causes a natural rise in humidity.

How does Dehumidifier work? 

How does your vacuum cleaner works? It sucks the dust and throws that off in the dustbin attached to it? Well, a dehumidifier works in a similar fashion. It sucks the humid air and rolls it over it evaporator coil. The humidity is sucked here and the air is then shifted to the condenser coil from where the dehumidified air goes back into the room.
In addition to providing a comfortable indoor, the other benefits that the Dehumidifier offers are hereunder;

Dehumidifier | An anti-allergen;

A dehumidifier it itself does not contain any anti-allergen features like the UV Lights or Air Cleaners but it still works as an anti-allergen just by keep the humidity level maintained. Humid air speeds up the spread of bacteria. In addition, the moist air also produces mould and mildew that become a severe headache to deal with.

Dehumidifier | Anti Odour 

As there remains a constant moisture in the air, this moisture contributes to producing unpleasant musty odours. These odours could be produced because of the mild and mildew or because of the constant wetness of things like wood, fabrics etc. A dehumidifier can help combat such odours that are produced by excessive humidity.

Dehumidifier | Anti excessive energy bills 

O yeah, it might sound weird. How come a dehumidifier will help reduce the energy bills when it will in itself be an addition to the already installed appliances? Well, actually the Dehumidifier, as it maintains the indoor humidity lowers the burden on the Air Conditioner and the Air Conditioner has an easy time conditioning the air. Consequently, it will cool quickly, trip off in time and operate not unnecessarily, resulting in balanced energy bills and longer lifespan of the AC.

Living in these times of industrialisation and constantly changing climates, we have more challenges to face regarding keeping our indoor air clean and comfortable. Our forefathers did not have to face these worries. But we also have more facilities than they had, to combat these problems. A dehumidifier is one such blessing of technology. Using a portable Dehumidifier, you can manage to dehumidify air in any room, you can take it outside with you, you can dehumidify air in your car and can combat moisture anytime you want. And by installing a whole home Dehumidifier, the air of the entire home can be dehumidified to make it pleasantly comfortable.

If you have struggled with humidity and are now totally fed up, it's probably the time to consider installing a Dehumidifier.


"Try Rinnai Tour" truck is coming your way

Rinnai, the renowned HVAC company has started a new venture. A tour named "Try Rinnai Tour". Through this tour, Rinnai is reaching out professionals in America and Canada by setting up almost 1500 stops. The tour started in April and would be ending in September with Rinnai showcasing three of its new launches. The purpose of the tour is to provide HVAC professionals with a first-hand experience of the latest launches that are;
- Sensei Tankless Water Heater
- Condensing Boiler (M series)
- Demand Duo 80 (Commercial Water Heater)

Try Rinnai Tour

Advantages of the tour 

This tour is an interesting initiative. Although Rinnai itself will have a great shout out of its appliances through this tour, the tour will not only bring advantage to Rinnai alone. There's something that the HVAC professionals and the common homeowners, in general, would be able to reap. Here's what:

- The visitors will be able to enjoy a 4-minute virtual reality experience of replacing an old Water Heater with the latest Rinnai Sensei Water Heater
- The attendees will be able to participate in surveys
- Information on consumer financing options will be given
- Homeowners who are deciding to replace their appliances will get a good option to pick up without having to make extra efforts
- Since professionals will try the units, dealers and homeowners would get a great deal of learning from the feedbacks.

What do I get if I visit the Try Rinnai Tour Truck?

You'll get all that has been mentioned above but there's one more interesting thing;
The visitors will be given a chance to win an all-expense paid VIP NASCAR experience at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Just take the Sensei training online and enter the provided code to be considered for the lucky draw.

Rinnai Rebates 

In addition to advertising the above mentioned 3 appliances, Rinnai is also offering attractive rebates. There's a rebate of $100 on the installation of the first Sensei Water Heater while a Rebate of $250 on the M Series Boiler.

When is Try Rinnai Tour coming to my area? 

If you're living in Canada or USA, one of the 7 Rinnai trucks would make a stop in your vicinity. To check out the exact schedule and locations, visit the official website of Rinnai.

Mark Buss, vice president of Rinnai marketing said that Rinnai is excited to provide professionals not only a first-hand experience to see and analyse their latest releases but also an opportunity to enjoy a virtual reality experience of the simple and easy installation process.

Rinnai is serving in the field of HVAC since 1920. This Japan-based company has long been making its best to provide comfort and efficiency at the most affordable rates. And now this initiative of a road tour by an HVAC company is something that would really make common people know and understand more about HVAC and more importantly about making wise HVAC choices.
Check out when the truck will be in your back street and hey! Don't forget to go and gather all the possible HVAC learnings. They'll be helpful bet ya!