Time to replace your Furnace!

Think of waking up in the midnight to strange noises. Stepping out of the bedroom and standing right on the staircase, you hear the sound coming from the basement. Gosh! The Furnace is again making those awful noises.
Did this ever happen to you? If yes, you clicked the right page. Furnace users face this and similar situations often. Although such noises do not always necessarily mean that your system is seeking a repair, there are times when they do and do it clearly. Before your system fails on a cold Winter night, take some time to have the noises diagnosed by a professional. In addition to the noise factor, there are some other indications that the Furnace system gives well before taking its last breath. Today, let us help you explore those indications.
  • Age Counts
Before you go on to check any other symptoms of a Furnace expected to fall, a must consider factor is the age. If the unit has already completed its lifespan, there’s no need to suspect any further critical complexities. Go for a replacement! The average lifespan of a furnace is 16-20 years so if your system has reached this age, this is the good time to purchase a new unit.
  • Rising energy consumption
If your electricity bills are rising to a higher extent, if so it may be caused by inefficiencies that come with an outdated furnace. The less efficient a Furnace will become, the more electricity it will suck. Old unit + Rise in energy bills = Go for replacement
  • Irregular or uneven heating
The reason why Furnace is an ideal heating element for many homeowners is its ability to heat the indoors evenly. If your home no longer remains at an even temperature and the Furnace unit is old enough as well, you should better consider replacing your furnace. Your ageing heating system may not be able to distribute warm air evenly causing some rooms to be hot and others to be cold. That's absolutely irritating!
  • Unusual noises
So we just talked about noises in the beginning. Let's talk about them again. Are you hearing some weird noises from your Furnace? Bangs, rattles and changing fan sounds are obvious indications that your furnace may be the at the end of its life.
  • Frequent repairs
If your Furnace frequently asks for a repair, it is actually begging you to bring another unit in its place. If the repairs are costing you every other day, why not make a wise investment and replace the unit with a better model?

As said already, the symptoms show up for several reasons and it is not always a replacement that the unit is seeking, it is, for most of the times. A careful approach is to reach professionals before making the decision of investment. Call a reliable HVAC pro and have your Furnace system diagnosed thoroughly. But even in that case, there are homeowners that doubt HVAC technicians for not giving proper advice, a much wiser approach is to consult multiple technicians, particularly in the case when your system isn't old enough to be considered for the question of replacement. Consult and then decide.