How Attic Insulation affects HVAC efficiency

Ever wondered why HVAC professionals emphasise on the importance of home insulation particularly Attic Insulation? There are wonderful benefits that the Attic Insulation offers but before discovering that, it is important to learn how much energy loss does an uninsulated attic causes you. Roughly, 15% of energy is lost in the attic when it is not insulated.

- Less use of appliances - Energy Saving

An insulated attic home is warmer than usual homes in Winters and cooler than usual homes in Summers. It is because the layer of insulation material keeps the heat and cold outside and bars the outdoor environment to the maximum to affect the indoor environment. As a result, the homes that have their attic, walls or basement insulated require the less use of HVAC appliances since the home easily gets cool in Summers and warm in Winter. Less use of HVAC appliances means saving on energy bills. A one-time insulation that lasts for several years helps save monthly on energy bills.

Attic Insulation

- Less use of HVAC appliances - Extended appliance life

Although a rough estimate of all HVAC appliances is given. For instance, Air Conditioners are supposed to have a lifetime of 10-15 years, Humidifiers a lifetime of 5-10 years, Thermostats a lifetime of 5 or more years etc. However, the fact is; the lifetime of HVAC appliances can be extended. The life expectancy depends on the use and abuse of the appliance. Appliances that are overused break down earlier than the estimated lifespan and those that are used relatively less help comfort for years long. The connection of Attic Insulation with the extended lifespan of HVAC appliances is that insulated homes make less use of heating and cooling appliances. This automatically increases the efficiency as well as the life expectancy.  

- Less use of HVAC appliances - Eco-Friendly

One shouldn't always be thinking only of his own benefits. The times that we are living in are the times of high level of air pollution and the United Nation's Framework Convention on Climate Change has emphasised on the importance of reducing the current level of air pollution else it will adversely deplete the ozone giving way to extremely serious consequences. We know that HVAC appliances including the Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Air Cleaners, Humidifier and others produce residual gases or chemicals that are not safe for the environment. Air Conditioners particularly have been producing the CFCs that are proven to have made serious damage to the environment. Home Insulation and particularly the attic insulation keeps the indoor environment moderate and a limited use of HVAC appliances help save the environment from pollution. Having the home insulated is like thinking for yourself and thinking for the world.

Other Benefits

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, the other benefits of Attic Insulation include a better indoor air quality since an insulated home does not allow the outside pollution to peek inside. This is helpful in Spring and particularly for the people suffering from COPD. Moreover, an insulated attic reduces the level of outdoor noises.