Interesting facts about HVAC system

Did you notice? All those ''Interesting Facts'' are about everything but HVAC. Why that injustice when there are numerous HVAC facts that are interesting and need to be talked about? No one tells so we thought to give a shot to the interesting HVAC facts that the commoners are either partially or completely unaware of. Brace yourself!
First ever AC was installed in New York
Did you know, the first ever Air Conditioner was installed at a publishing company based in New York in 1902. The need for an AC installation was felt when the publishing company faced the issue of uneven drying of paper ink due to high humidity in Summer. To cope this issue, the first ever commercial Air Conditioner was installed at that company.

Size of the Air Conditioner is getting larger
You read it right. Although the size of so many other technologies is getting smaller; computers, phones etc, the size of the Air Conditioners has recently become larger and the primary reason is the increase in the demand of minimum efficiency rating which calls for larger AC units.

Movies were watched for cooling
Here's an interesting fact that you might never have heard before; people used to go to movies not just to watch movies but in the hope of cooling themselves off in hot Summer since the theatres were Air Conditioned and Air Conditioning was not available at that time for common households in the 1930s. So every time they felt hot, they planned for movies.
Huh! Thanks, mother technology for making our homes Air Conditioned. We can watch movies along with a wonderful indoor temperature within the comfort of our homes.

Postponing filter changing can cause system breakdown
9/10 HVAC system breakdowns are caused by lack of maintenance and primarily because of dust and debris. While you might think changing Filters is a 5-minute task and, therefore, is not of any prime importance, you are wrong. Not changing Filters regularly can take your system to the verge of complete breakdown. Clogged filters do not allow a smooth airflow. This makes the motor of Furnace / Air Conditioner to work harder than usual. Although they do bear this overloading for some time, they also end up doing so at any time if the Filter maintenance is completely ignored.

HVAC techs need to licensed
Most homeowners never ask for a license when an HVAC tech reaches them. Although it is the duty of the tech to show his work license before he begins the work, it is also a homeowner's responsibility to ask for the working license from an HVAC technician in order to make sure he is able and experienced to perform the job with satisfaction.
Closing supply vents of unused rooms harm the system
How many times have you heard this suggestion? Of closing the vents of unused rooms? More than many times. The truth is; doing so harms the system because the supplied air doesn't get the passage to enter the rooms and either remain in the duct or returns back from the same passage without changing its temperature, This affects the system's overall efficiency.  

''Summer Breaks'' started due to hot Summer and no Air Conditioning
Did you know ''Summer Breaks'' in schools started in the 1900's when it started to be extremely hot and there was not sufficient Air Conditioning to cool the schools of. In addition to the schools, some other government buildings were also shut off due to the same reason.

HVAC systems don't break up without showing symptoms
Yes, that's true whether or not you agree with it. There are several homeowners who complain that their system broke down suddenly one day. That cannot be true. HVAC system shows symptoms before breaking down. The reason for some people, the breakdown is sudden because they don't pay attention to the symptoms it shows.

That's all from our side for today. Did you find these facts interesting? Do you have any other HVAC interesting fact to share? Share!