Coil Cleaning - 4 Problems 4 Solutions

Air Conditioner technology has now gone old enough and is widely used in common households. Though the use has become common, the basic HVAC awareness troubleshooting still needs to be made common so that homeowners could use their appliances in the right way and could fix them in the right time. This blog talks about some Air Conditioner Coil problems and their solutions.  


Problem#1: Coil Corrosion
One of the primary reasons for Air Conditioner failures and other industrial and home appliances failure is corrosion. As the humidity level and temperature increases, the chemical reactions take place fastly, resulting in corrosion of appliance parts mainly the ones that undergo chemical reactions inside them. Air Conditioner coils corrode because of the same reason. In addition to the temperature effects, another cause of corrosion is the use of caustic, oxidizing and acidic gases and using acidic solutions for cleaning purposes.
The solution is; Eradicate the causes of corrosion! Use non-corrosive chemicals. For cleaning purposes, use corrosion inhibiting and less penetrating agents.

Problem#2: Curved Air Conditioner Coil Fins
Using high-pressure water for cleaning purposes often damage the coil fins and cause them to bend. Other times it is the cleaning chemicals that are too reactive that cause a chemical reaction to take place between the chemical and the coil surface which over time, results in loss of metal.      
Using special equipment and a low-pressure, high-volume formula for cleaning, the coils can be cleaned safely and properly. Also, if a cleaning agent is used, it is highly recommended to use only those cleaning agents that are recommended by professionals in order to avoid any possible damages.

Problem#3: Spray Damages
Keeping Air Conditioner unit close to sensitive property; plants, trees etc can cause serious damage to them as the chemical cleaning is performed. While it is important to use non-corrosive chemicals, it is also important to use chemicals that pose no harm to the nearby property.
If the plants can be moved, move them away from the unit at the time of cleaning or cover them properly else, use plant friendly chemicals. Also, rinse the chemicals properly or otherwise the residual chemicals leave marks and cause corrosion.  

Problem#4: Frozen Evaporator Coils
Frozen evaporator coils is a commonly faced problem. The primary reason of ice buildup on evaporator coils in Summers is a leaking refrigerant. Freon (refrigerant) leaks out of the refrigerant coils and builds up ice beds on the coil. This continuous leaking of refrigerant completely empties the refrigerant gas/liquid, the absence of which makes cooling impossible.  
Refrigerant needs to be refilled but before that, the leaks have to be patched. It is important to patch the leaks properly or seek professional help for the task. Improperly patched leaks keep on leaking the refrigerant resulting in refrigerant loss and needing continuous refilling.

Professional and reliable Coil Cleaning Services:
While there are numerous issues involved in DIY Cleaning that can further lead to other problems, a safer way is to choose professional cleaning services and learn from professionals first how exactly to perform the cleaning.
At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. we offer professional Air Conditioner cleaning and maintenance services that involve a proper diagnosis of the appliance, professional maintenance / tune up and expert guidelines. Whether you're having a hard time cleaning the coils, have a refrigerant line issue, want chemical cleaning of coils of something else, contact us for professional and reliable services.

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