Starting from a $500 Single Stage Furnace, there is a variety of Furnace models available in the market, the prices of which are up to $3,000. The huge difference in the cost is decided by a couple of factors among which are brand, efficiency, performance and size. Let's figure out in detail how do these factors impact the cost and which factors impacts the overall Furnace installation cost the most.

- Brand

The rapid expansion in HVAC industry has introduced dozens of brands in the market. This has created a sheer competition resulting in brands offering affordable Furnace units. However, there is still a distinction between less known and more known brands. Those having won the customer satisfaction, nonetheless charge more than what less known brands charge even if the quality is almost the same. So while planning a purchase, consider this factor. A brand could be offering quality appliance, good features and charge less and another could be charging several times more while offering the same features. Choosing a very well known brand therefore, is not always the right choice primarily when you are low on budget.

- Efficiency

Furnaces today are advertised mainly by advertising their efficiency rating. That is because the better the efficiency, the less electric bills would be and the more there will be indoor comfort. But this feature comes with a price. Furnace with 60%-70% efficiency ratings are cheaper while the latest ones with 90% AFUE rating are the costliest. Therefore, when planning a Furnace purchase, it is important to consider efficiency rating and this decides the price. If you don't have budget issues, surely go for better efficiency rating Furnaces. Do the opposite if the situation is otherwise.

- Performance

In addition to efficiency, the operational performance of a Furnace also decides its price. There are single stage (units that operate at highest 100% speed), two-stage (those that operate between 70%-100%) and variable speed (those that operate at 60% blower speed most of the times). The single stage units are the loudest and create the least comfortable indoor while the variable speed offer just the opposite. This single feature of blower speed impact comfort level, noisiness and energy bills. This is the reason why single stage are the cheapest and the variable speed the costliest Furnaces available in the market. Hence, when deciding a Furnace purchase, don't forget to consider Performance factor.

- Size

The size is another factor that decides the price. Bigger unit = more dollars. Usually for a 600-1000 square feet home, a Furnace with standard 40,000 BTU size is enough. For larger spaces; 2,300-3000 square feet, units with 120,000 BTU suffice well. Beware to choose the right size of Furnace as choosing a larger unit for a smaller space is also a big mistake that homeowners make.

- Installation

Installation when done with a professional service costs at least $500. The installation cost can vary depending on the unit size and the service you hire for installation. While professional installation cost more, we still suggest professional installation keeping the consequences of unprofessional installation in consideration that later on cost even more.

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