Humidity is one of the many things which is dangerous when it is too low and is equally troublesome when it gets too high. High humidity levels can be reduced rather easily by using simple techniques like increased aeration. On the other hand, remedies of low humidity levels are difficult and comparatively expensive.

One of the remedies of low humidity levels is the device called “Humidifier”. It is an electrical device that raises the humidity levels of the indoor air which gets really dry during the winter season especially. There are in total many types of Humidifiers that are employed for increasing the humidity levels of the air. Below we discuss two main types under consideration are:


The Whole Home Humidifier is basically a get-it-and-forget-it type of device. Once it is equipped this item will work on its own, requiring very little or no maintenance. This device is connected to the blower system installed on the furnace present in the home. From there it draws water from the main water supply and then automatically injects this water in the whole home via the humid air.

This type of humidifier is cheaper as it reduces the maintenance cost. It is an automatic machine as it maintains the humidity levels by itself to the required levels. It also is a noiseless device making no noise at all.

At the same time, the whole home humidifiers are larger in size compared to any other type. It also requires professional help to install this type of humidifier which is another problem associated with this type.


The portable humidifier unit is intended to serve the same function, but for the particular room, to increase the humidity level in the air. Whenever you want to increase the moisture in your kitchen, living room or bedroom, this compact moisturizer can be used as you wish. It can not be used for your entire house due to its smaller and compact nature, and it will only increase the level of humidity in a particular room.

The foremost advantage of this type of humidifier is its portability which enables the user to carry this device anywhere anytime. It is also easy to clean due to its small size.

The major problem linked with this device is that it needs to be supplied continuously with water. Adding to the problems is the noise which this device produces causing irritation to the users.

Which one to choose? 

Keeping in mind the pros and cons of both the devices, the whole home humidifier come up as the type which is better than the portable humidifier to be used. The major advantage which makes it the better choice is its water consumption directly from the main water supply reducing the headache which the user may have in the case of a portable humidifier to supply the water manually to the device. This makes it a preferred choice for the user.
However, depending on your peculiar need and after a professional consultation, you can always choose between the two. We suggest, for larger homes, go for whole-home humidifiers while for small spaces and apartments, portable will serve best. 

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