Our unbiased guide will run you through the essential factors you must consider before buying an air conditioner for your home. There are various kinds of central air conditioners available, and each associated with different pros and cons. To beat the heat effectively - choose the air conditioner that can cool the entire place effortlessly. Eco-conscious consumers are more inclined towards the energy efficient air-conditioner which are less costly to run and can keep you cool and comfortable for the extended period of time.

Basic types of central air conditioner:

Before you are all-prepared for installing the new air conditioner; acquaint yourself with the major distinctions of two types of air conditioners that are presently in-use in Canada.

Ductless Air Conditioner
The system will have two major components evaporative coil and a condensing unit.
A ductless air conditioner will have a wall-mounted indoor unit and one compressor.
The compressor unit delivers the refrigerant to evaporator coil and removes moisture.
It distributes the air through piping, not from large air ducts.
Split air conditioners are easier to fix and repair.
Ductless air conditioners are comparatively less expensive.
If you have a furnace in the home, it is possible to amend the existing ducts in such a way, that air conditioner can be easily accommodated.
The ductless air conditioner can only be installed in a place that has no pre-existing ducts.
A split air conditioner is larger in size.
It is perfect for small finished attics

Perfect sizing:

An air conditioner is a long-term investment for your place and it should be the one that accurately fits your home and budget. When it comes to perfect sizing, you should acquaint yourself with two fundamental terms:
·         Cooling load is the sum of heat that accumulates in space, in the absence of a cooling system.
·         Cooling capacity is synonymous with the size of the air conditioner and it is designed to remove the heat.
Sufficient cooling capacity is essential to meet the cooling load of a home. in order to mitigate the discomfort, humidity and dampness, calculate the cooling load effectively through any method developed by the Canadian Standards Association.


Efficiency is the amount of cooling generated by the unit against each watt. The more SEER (seasonal energy-efficiency rating) means the less cost to run an AC. There are some factors like advanced compressors, efficient heat exchangers and a good refrigerant flow that act as core determinants to make the SEER as high as 17. Make sure you choose a split air conditioner with a minimal SEER rating 13.

Programmable Thermostat and a maintenance plan:

A programmable thermostat has the potential to reduce the cooling cost by 10%. When buying a central air conditioner choose a maintenance plan that has a well-constructed inspection plan with labour discounts and other benefits in repairs.

Noise rating:

Most municipalities in Ontario have a certain level of noise allowed. Therefore, Canadians have to consider noise factor in-check prior to installing an air conditioner in the home. Generally, an energy efficient air conditioner will have minimal sound ratings. 

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