Winters can become horrendous with a failing Furnace. In order to prevent yourself from an ice age inside your home, you may need to repair or replace your Furnace as soon as possible. As a responsible homeowner, you should keep an eye on your Furnace and if a malfunctioning is found, get it repaired instantly.
Here are 7 furnace problems you should never ignore. With a little hand, you can save the day!

1. Strange Noises

Ever experienced strange noises coming out of your furnace? If yes, then that’s quite a big sign of a failing furnace. Not paying attention to this problem may cause you a big deal. This failure may need a technician to repair or replace the blower motor as the set screw on the blower wheel may have loosened causing the wheel to wobble on the motor shaft and create noise.

2. Pungent Smell

That awful rotten cabbage smell we all experience is a sign of gas leaking from the Furnace. This pungent smell is actually a component added to natural gas for safety precautions. If your house is becoming smelly like a rotten egg or cabbage, immediately leave your house and call the gas company to fix this problem.

3. Mounting Utility Bills

Utility bills emptying the pockets cannot always be blamed on utility companies because a malfunctioning Furnace can give you chills through bills. If a Furnace is not working efficiently, it consumes more energy to produce the desired results increasing utility fees. To fix this problem, a professional needs to check and repair your Furnace and in some cases even replacing the whole unit.

4. Carbon Monoxide Leakage

Now, this is quite dangerous as leaking carbon monoxide may not be deducted instantly. If a yellow flame appears in your Furnace flame rather than striking blue (a proper functioning furnace has a blue flame), moisture on the nearby surface and no upward airflow from chimneys then it’s a clear sign of carbon monoxide leakage from either exhaust flue or heat exchanger pipes. Cracks and rust in these areas are a sign of dying Furnace too. If any of these signs along with nausea, headache, burning eyes or vomiting are noticed, make sure to leave the house immediately as it is Carbon monoxide exposure which can be lethal and call the gas company to shut your gas immediately.

5. Heat Distribution

When some rooms in the house remain colder than others, that’s a sign of malfunctioning Furnace which is caused by the internal systems not working properly. Call a professional immediately to prevent from greater damage.

6. Frequent Repairs or Replacements

A Normal modern furnace has a lifespan of 15-20 years, however, every machinery depending on its usage and annual inspections may encounter mechanical failure. Any machine beyond its age limit can cause a big deal. If your Furnace requires a repair every few months then you should consider getting a new furnace for your own good!

How old is your Furnace? What was the last time you had your Furnace repaired?

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