A good AC is one that boasts exceptional home comfort by even temperature, reduce the energy bill and deliver the highest or exceptional reliability. HVAC manufacturers keep rolling out the enhanced and competitive product to exceed the expectation and leave no stone unturned to provide homeowners the best of the best HVAC equipment. However, there are still some inevitable consequences of neglecting timely AC maintenance which leave homeowners in an urgent need of appliance repair. But hey! There are things that must not be tried as part of DIY. Read on the article to know what not to do when the Air Conditioner stops working.

Don’t lose the cool and try not to fix it yourself:

Don’t be panic; call Air Conditioner specialists for the fastest emergency service. Tinkering with the AC unit is not as simple as it seems and is best to be left to the HVAC technicians. They can troubleshoot the system to get it up to function smoothly. Meanwhile, you can google to wrap your head around to watch HOW TO VIDEOS or DIY tips to troubleshoot the problem.
Unless you have prior experience with troubleshooting unit or mechanical repair, pass the problem to a pro who can fix the problem in half the time.

Don’t ignore the obvious:

Before you lose the cool and start calling the expert or looking at the replacement parts yourself. Be sure to check Thermostat to ensure program settings are correct; it should be set to auto. It is also good to verify that the thermostat battery is not running out.
Make sure the circuit breaker is not tripped, if so, flip the breaker on and see if the unit works. The other glaring problem can be clogged air, clean the filter with soft brushes, lukewarm water, and soap and check if it remedies the problem. 

Most frequent AC Unit Problem homeowners face:

The best remedy to make AC unit work again is to clean and repair the filters. If the problem persists, there may be a list of other issues to diagnose with simple DIY methods. However, if you are running a new system and have no knowledge about HVAC equipment, consider availing the services of a professional – especially when problem is severe and can’t be fixed on your own.

- AC unit not blowing the cold air
- Ac unit does not turn on
- Ac does not turn off
- Leaking water inside and outside
- Sudden leakage when turned off
- Unusual smell and noise
To resolve the issues outlined above requires expertise. Therefore we recommend consulting an HVAC technician. 

Avoid switching on and off your AC unit:

When AC runs as it supposed to, it automatically turns on and off according to the changing temperature. When you repeatedly switch on and off; it puts an extra burden and maximize the chances of wear and tear. 

Don’t Miss Out Yearly Inspection

We wholly rely on an air conditioner in hot and humid months hence can’t afford its sudden breakdown. Having an AC unit serviced annually makes it run more smoothly, improves longevity, and saves you money on electric bills.

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