Thermal discomfort is something that can severely affect sleep quality as well as general health for
adults and children alike; this particularly impacts babies and young children. If the Air Conditioner has gone for the emergency repair or you don’t just want to fire it up or save energy money, then we have some great tips to keep you and your children protected from the heat when the mercury level on the thermometer rises.

Stay Hydrated:

No one likes to sit around being hot, sweaty, and gross - the first step to mitigating the heat is to reduce the body temperature. And the best way to do that is to fill your body with cooling foods
and fluids. Otherwise, when the Air Conditioner dies or goes out for an emergency repair you will find yourself scrambling to keep your kids cool. Children need to drink more water to fulfill their body's effort to stay cool. Children aren’t as hydrated as adults, so it is your responsibility to make sure they drink plenty of fluids.

Sleep in the basement:

One of the significant drawbacks of life without an air conditioner is having to sleep in a hot, sweaty
room. The higher the temperature, the more difficult it is to get the right amount of night-rest.
If you are lucky enough to live in a multi-story house, then there is an escape: the basements! They are comfortable than the bedrooms on the first or second storey. So, how about letting the children sleep for a night in the basement while the AC is out?

Body’s cooling spots.

Do you know a cold washcloth over your wrist or neck will assist in reducing your body temperature
faster than trying to put it on your forehead? It enables to target cold compresses. You can use wet towels, or ice packs to get the best results.

Make a specialized DIY AC

Need ac for a few days out of the year? Then consider saving money on real things and make your very own air conditioner for free.
· Get a shallow bowl or roasting pan and fill it up with ice and bring it in front of a fan.
· Take a sheet, wet it, and then hang it in front of an open window.
· Roll up a wet towel and attach it to the front of a box fan.
These methods are quick and convenient to keep the children fresh while you are waiting for the completion of an emergency ac repair.


How to keep the place cool when the electronic appliances start working against you?
Any home devices and appliances with a standby or sleep mode, consume phantom power, which means they produce heat even when not in use. Some of the biggest offenders are your satellite or cable box, a stereo system, video game consoles, your PVR, computer, and speakers. Therefore, when you try to stay cool without air conditioning, make sure to unplug all devices running standby. It saves energy cost and reduces the excessive
heat loss.

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