For many people, ductwork is something that does not need maintenance. The truth is; dirty ductworks have been proven to be a primary cause of allergies and bad indoor air quality. Let's begin with what people think and how things actually are. Homeowners assume that ductwork has filters at the openings that supply air to the home; so dust and debris if there's any, gets trapped by the filters. The reality is; this does not always happen this way. The reason is; there are different types of filters and the filters commonly used by homeowners are of such quality so as not to completely filter the pollutants. As a result, whatever dust and debris get built up in the ductwork, begins to circulate with the air that cycles throughout the home. And the duct cleaning reminds equally important even in the case of advanced filters. So whatever the type of air filter, the ductwork does need cleaning. Scheduling a spring ductwork cleaning could be especially very beneficial and here's why;

Reasons to schedule Spring Duct Cleaning 

- Improvement in airflow 

The benefit of getting a spring duct cleaning is that the ductwork becomes clean and this improves the airflow. Usually, in spring, the high presence of pollen and other allergens affect the airflow, further hindering the proper flow in summers when it is much needed. Getting the ductwork cleaned in spring ensures a peaceful summer.

- Odour removal 

In winters, the moisture created as a result of warmth produced by Furnace creates dampness in the ductwork. This moisture gives way to the production of mould and eventually bad odours. Getting the ductwork cleaned in Spring after a long Winter prevents odours from spreading.

- Easy cleaning 

The dirty ductwork, as said above, makes the indoor air dirty. And when it pollutes the indoor air, it actually affects the home as well. So you have more cleaning to do. More dusting, more vacuuming is included as your daily and weekly cleaning. Getting the ductwork cleaned in Spring when there are more pollutants than any other season of the year, a cut-down on routine home cleaning can be ensured.

Dirty ductworks also burden HVAC appliances. The more an Air Conditioner/ Furnace has to push harder to blow the air, the more it gets burdened. And an appliance when it has to push hard comes at a risk of breakdown and wear & tear. This suggests that dirty ductwork can actually increase repairing possibilities so there's no sanity in avoiding duct cleaning in order to save some dollars.

How often should you schedule Duct Cleaning? 

Experts suggest that duct cleaning at residential spaces should be done at least once a year.  And the best time this can be done is the springtime. But be sure, as you invest in Duct Cleaning, to choose the right professionals. Getting service from unprofessional technicians would be synonymous to wasting your hard earned money.

What was the last time you had your ductwork cleaned? What were the changes that you felt after that?

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