So one of the worries associated with summers is rising energy bills. It becomes difficult to control the bills when cooling becomes a need. But many times, it is not the operation of the system that soars the bills but the improper usage and bad HVAC practices that do so. In this blog, we'd highlight those wrong HVAC practices and mistakes that lead to high energy bills.

- Ignoring pre-season maintenance

There are a number of homeowners that do not have their appliances maintained until the appliance begins to show some signs of repair or gives compromised efficiency. This is one of those practices that not only keep the unit at the threat of a sudden repair but also lowers its efficiency. As a result, the system takes longer to cool and loses efficiency earlier. This increases the energy bills.
To make the most of your system, always choose pre-season maintenance and do not put a system into use without maintenance after a break of several years. That's our suggestion number 1.

- Leaving Air Filters Dirty

You might say you already know that changing filters is important. But knowing is not enough. You have to be very regular about changing the filters. Although it is suggested to change the filter after every 3 months in peak season, you still have to check your usage and the type of area you live in. If your system runs too much and you live in an area with a high level of pollution, you may consider replacing/cleaning filter once every month. But do it after 3 months in all cases.
The dirty filter blocks the passage of air, causing the AC to push harder to let the air pass through it. This overburdening increases the bills while also put the blower at the risk of a breakdown.

- Too low Thermostat setting

We understand that when it's hot, you feel like wanting to slip over ice cubes or to set your Thermostat at the lowest possible but that won't give a longterm relief. Many people, as they feel hot in the afternoons set the Thermostat too low and keep changing the temperature the entire day. Once again, a wrong practice. Changing the settings frequently or setting them too low makes the system trip frequently as well. And the system takes the most of energy as it trips off and on. A better practice is to set a moderate temperature and let the system run for long at the same temperature. 

- Not sealing doors and windows

Sealing doors & windows is not just for winters, particularly, if you are using a Split system, you should opt for proper sealing of doors and windows in order to waste minimum cooling through holes and leaks. One of the reasons for high energy bills is when homeowners leave doors or windows open and the system has to work longer and harder to cool the indoor.
Also, to keep the sun from warming the indoor, using blinds makes a big difference.

It's your turn now. What ways do you use to control the energy bills? Have you tried any of the above-mentioned and did it work for you?

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