While winter is the time when everyone is concerned about the heating appliances, it is also the time to make purchase of cooling appliances and there are wise reasons to do so;

  1. Because of off-peak season, the prices of cooling appliances lower in winter as compared to what they are in summer
  2. Making purchase in winter can give you enough time to make a detailed research about what to purchase 
But as you purchase a new Air Conditioner, you must also be concerned about where and how to dispose the old unit. There are many homeowners who have little to no knowledge about the how’s and why’s of appliance disposal and particularly about Air Conditioner disposal. In this blog, we shall discuss why proper disposal is important and what are the options that are available for the disposal. Read on! 

What do improper disposals do?

Almost all HVAC appliances use some kind of gases or chemicals as part of their manufacturing ingredient or operational mechanism. For example, we have CFCs in Air Conditioners and there is mercury in Thermostats (old models). Many of these chemicals are harmful to environment when released in it. HVAC appliances, when they are improperly disposed of, carry these chemicals with them and spread them into the environment. This not only deteriorates the immediate environment that we live in, it also adversely affects the outer environment that is responsible for keeping the Earth’s temperature levelled; greenhouse gases layer and ozone. Therefore, the disposal of appliances and particularly Air Conditioners require proper precautions. A lot has been done by the Canadian government in controlling the use of non-eco-friendly gases in HVAC appliances and in modulating the homeowner’s behaviours, there are several cares that the individuals need to take on their own. Here’s what you need to know about disposal options. 

Bounty Programs and what do they do?

Bounty programs are meant to encourage homeowners to go for proper disposals. These programs offer bounties to homeowners as their unit is picked and taken for the proper recycling process by the recycler. Such programs are run by regional or local authorities. In addition to that, special rebates and discounts are offered to motivate homeowners to replace their current appliances with energy efficient appliances that are less harmful to the environment. If you’re looking for a disposal and replacement, check out the offers that your local authority is offering. 

Local Disposal Programs and what do they offer?

Every federal or provincial government has its own rules and regulations. Improper disposal of appliances has already been prohibited. Therefore, before you trash your appliance, call your local disposal authority to check if the appliance needs a removal of gases or refrigerants or simply can be thrown into the landfill.

Disposal through Retailer

Often times the retailers offer a disposal of the old appliance at the purchase of a new appliance. They sometimes lower the price of the newly bought appliance in exchange of the old appliance. Some retailers may make disposal option a part of the purchase. If the above-mentioned options are not available in your vicinity, check this option of disposal through the retailer.

Donating & Recycling

Recycling of an Air Conditioner has two cases;
  1. One is to give away your unit (if it is still operating) to a charity cause or organization that may continue to use it. 
  2. Another way to recycle it is to contact organizations that reuse parts of the Air Conditioners. You may sell those parts or the entire unit to them, whichever option is available. This way, a safe disposal will be made possible while also generating some profit. 
What are the ways that are prevalent in your area for disposal of HVAC appliances particularly the Air Conditioner? Share with us.

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