What a wonderful season Winter is. A time when snowflakes look like cotton candy falling from the sky, the cool breeze feels like dry cleaning everything around and the hot chocolate & coffee adds to the joys of the Winter when one is lost recalling old memories. There's a lot of joys that are associated with the Winter but there's one worry as well that is linked with it and is common to all homeowners. That is to keep the indoors comfortably warm while also keep the energy bills in control and this is not easy when the temperature outside falls below zero. There are several energy efficient appliances in the market now that are a promising solution to lower energy bills but as the appliances are constantly used, hefty energy bills are a clear consequence. We want you to have enough money to enjoy all the Winter joys so let us talk about the energy saving tips for Winters. Act a little smarter and you will attract dollars back to your wallet.

- Blinds and curtains aren't there just to serve an interior appeal, they are also a source of heat loss just like they are a source of fresh air intake. In Winters, brace yourself for a smart use of these curtains and blinds. Open them in the day when there's Sunlight that can provide the indoor with warmth and close them when there's no source of heat from outside in order to avoid heat loss. This practice might seem ordinary but has the potential to save big.

- Homeowners often leave home appliances turned on as they rush outside the house in hurry. The primary reason for that is they find it hard to switch off appliances one by one. But this swallows a lot of energy units since the appliances when they are switched on continue to take up energy even when, not in use. A quick combat to this laziness is the use of power strips. Use power strips so that you could turn appliances off with one single button.  

- Motion sensors and lighting controls are one wise investment you can make for the entire year. The motion sensors detect movement so when you are away, they automatically turn the electrical connections off.

- You were right if you took sealing windows and doors seriously. They are a big source of heat loss in Winters but there's one more wise investment that you can make and that is by installing energy efficient doors and windows. These doors and windows do not let pass any air through them and are therefore the best combat for heat loss in Winters

- Home insulation has a great potential to lower energy bills by up to 25%. It might seem a hefty investment but it does return your investment with the savings it serves. Insulation once done suffices for several years.

- All things aside, installing a Smart Thermostat can totally astonish you. Not only does this device help save great on energy bills, it also helps extend the lifetime of the appliances by controlling their use.

We have mentioned 6 investments that have the potential to save energy as well as money. But if you're not in a position to make any investment but still want to lower the energy bills while also don't want to die from cold, then try this; make limited use of heating appliances and in order to keep yourself warm, use the layering trick. Wear as many layers of warm clothes as you can.

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