Sounds funny? Doesn't it? But if you already have had fights over Thermostat, you can relate to the very statement. It is no gender stereotype, it is in fact, as fact that men and women feel differently when it comes to the outside temperature. So this happens in almost every home that females want the Thermostat to be turned a few degrees up while males of the home prefer it to be turned down to produce more cooling. Today, we'll explore why exactly do men and women have different temperature needs and living in a family, how to fix these differences wisely.

Thermostat Fights

Men feel different than Women because:
There is a genetic difference
We know men are different than women when it comes to genetics. These differences are also present when it comes to body temperature.
Studies show that women have an evenly distributed layer of fat that helps them store heat to their core organs, however, this same layer of fat also contributes in making them feel colder than men because all the major heat goes to the core organs. As a result, as soon as there's a little decrease in the outside temperature, women begin to feel colder and this intensity is more than what men feel because they have heat throughout their body and because of having uneven layers of fat, the heat is spread in most parts to help face the drop in outside temperature.

There's another thing we know about the men-women genetic differences and that is; men have a higher metabolism than women. Since metabolism is responsible for producing bodily heat, bodies of men are warmer than that of women's. This is why women want more outside heat than men.

How to fix Thermostat fights?
It's okay to do nothing if your fights are just little fights that fix up and the difference you and the other member/members feel is just a slight difference but in case it is otherwise; your fights are serious then fix the problem right away with one of the two solutions mentioned below:

- Switch to Programmable Thermostats
There's a wide range of Programmable Thermostats in the market that allow up to 7 days of scheduling. Using a Programmable Thermostat, the temperature of husband's choice can be auto set at his expected time to come home so that he doesn't complain about the temperature. And the wife can enjoy the cooling of her choice through the rest of the day. It's like 50/50.

- Switch to Zoning System
But as said earlier, if your fights and the temperature difference both are serious, you too need to take serious steps. The Programmable Thermostat idea is good but it can still not provide with all time temperature of your choice. A better choice then is Zoning system. By switching to zoning system, it's like everybody having his own Thermostat. Zoning supports up to 7 zones/rooms to be conditioned with different temperatures using one single AC unit. So now you can have a different temperature in the living room and different in the bedroom, different in the kid's room and different in the guest room depending on the requirements of the inmates. And yes, there's no need to fight over the poor Thermostat now. Convert your HVAC system to zoning and the next time it feels like you need more cooling, just go to any room and set the temperature of your choice. Sleep tight!  

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