Everything comes with pros and cons. Same is true for Residential Furnaces. While homeowners begin their quest for Furnace purchase, they are often confused between Gas and Electric Furnaces. Although both these Furnaces are efficient and useful, the suitability varies from home to home depending on many factors. A gas Furnace might be the best option for a certain home while an Electric Furnace could be better for some other.
Here we mention the pros and cons of both Electric and Gas Furnaces.  


Electric Furnaces: $670 - $2000

The Pros
If you're low on budget, Electric Furnace could be the best choice for you since they need least initial investment. When it comes to Electric Furnaces, neither storage tanks are required nor special venting and fuel pipes. In addition to that, the Electric units are easy to install small units that can also easily be relocated if the need arises. Also, since Electric Furnaces do not use gas, there is no combustion or risks of gas leaks. Moreover, the lifespan is fair enough; 15-20 years.  
The Cons
Although technology has improved the efficiency of Electric Furnaces way more than their older efficiency, an improvement is still required to make them compete the efficiency of Gas Furnaces. Due to lower efficiency, Electric units are suitable for the less cold climates since they fail to work efficiently in intensely cold weather. Nonetheless, Electric Furnaces are the only choice for homes where there is no gas availability.

Gas Furnaces $1200 - $2,400

The Cons
It is a hefty investment that you'd be making particularly if you're installing a new system altogether since new gas lines will be required as well as an extensive ductwork. A Gas Furnace requires an investment of minimum $1000. If you're on low budget, Gas Furnace is certainly not what is recommended for you.
The Pros
But what begins with huge investment returns in long run. Natural Gas is the cheapest fuel available in Canada. While running a Furnace on Electricity could be costly in terms of utility bills, Gas Furnaces helps save in long run. In addition to that, they are far more efficient than conventional Furnaces and are, therefore, perfect for intense cold climates.

Which Furnace Brand to choose?

After choosing between Electric or Gas, the next thing that causes great bewilderment is which brand to choose? Well if it's not the first time you're purchasing a Furnace, you'll have an easy time choosing depending on your prior experience. The best way to choose the most suitable brand is by making a brand research, checking for customer reviews and most importantly analysing the product's compatibility with your home. One more thing to consider is the warranty. No all companies offer a long warranty. Better to go for a brand that offers as long a warranty as possible.  Our recommendations are Lennox, Amana, Carrier, Rheem and York in particular. While Rheem has been titled the brand that requires least repairing, York has remained the most energy efficient brand in 2013, 2014 and  2016. If there still remains confusion, better throw the ball in the court of an HVAC professional and let him choose for you depending on your requirements.

At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. we sell Gas as well as Electric Furnaces of Lennox, Amana, Rheem, York and Carrier. Also, we help homeowners in choosing the right brand by offering Free HVAC consultation.
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