The simplest answer to the question, ‘’Why do Air Ducts need cleaning?’’  is, because they get dirty. Don’t you clean what gets dirty? Then why not ducts? Suppose you haven't cleaned the air ducts since long and have forgotten about changing filters too, what do you think will be inside the duct? Dirt, germs, moulds, hair etc get stuck there, that then become part of the circulating air consequently polluting the air of your house without you seeing it with your naked eye. This pollution, however, can be sensed in the form of flu, breathing problems and various allergies. Well, this is why air ducts need cleaning time to time because the dirt that gathers within the duct cavities drastically affect the indoor Air. Although Filters are of great help, they cannot trap pollutants 100%.


How often should you clean your Ducts?

This question is mainly asked by people who rely on themselves for the cleaning purpose. It is better not to clean ducts more than what is necessary for the reason that continuous opening of the grills of the air duct invite noticeable contaminants and dust into it. The suggested time period of Duct Cleaning is at least once a year whether it is done by individuals themselves or by professionals.

Quick Tips for Duct Cleaning

There are several homeowners who prefer DIY Duct Cleaning. Nothing bad in doing so if one has performed the cleaning process earlier and is veteran enough to perform it like a professional. If you plan for one such DIY Duct Cleaning, here's where to start from:
You have to take precautionary measures for yourself first that include:
1) Wearing a face mask to prevent any type of allergies and dust from going into your lungs.
2) Wear soft fabric gloves as they will protect your hands and will allow you to do your work with ease.
3) Use clean equipment such as a clean vacuum cleaner for maximum suction of dust and debris.
4) Be sure to use a heavy duty vacuum for this purpose as the regular house-cleaning vacuum won’t work as good in this case.
5) Make sure of cleaning the ceiling grilles afterwards.

The total cost of Duct Cleaning

If you are cleaning your ducts after several years, you will have to spare out a significant amount for buying the mandatory equipment. The heavy duty vacuum cost will be the main equipment involved. But if it's a regular process that you do every year, it will not cost as much. You will only have to spend money on little things such as the mask, gloves, blowers, brushes and a few other tools. To put it all together, this process may cost somewhere between $100 - $200.

Professional Duct Cleaning 2017

With the passage of time, people are becoming more aware of the importance of Duct Cleaning. Every year more and more Canadians are moving towards Duct Cleaning that too from professionals since a DIY Duct Cleaning is hectic, time-consuming and sometimes risky too. So the question is, how much would it cost in 2017 if you go for professional Duct Cleaning? Although it depends on per square feet, the minimum cost for Duct Cleaning is $200, however, an estimated maximum for larger areas is around $800.

Bottom Line

To improve the breathing experience at home, save yourself from allergens and maintain a tidy indoor environment, consider Duct Cleaning as an important investment in 2017.

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