Professionals are not always available so it's good to learn some tactics so that you could do things on your own. You might be living in an area where there's no professional service available or face an emergency situation and there's no emergency service in the nearby area. Knowing some DIY hacks is cool as well as benefiting particularly for the times of emergency.
So here, we're presenting some ways to troubleshoot your water heater.

Common Tankless Water Heater Problems
There are a number of problems that the tankless water heater show. The most common of which are; strange sounds, strange smell, rust in water, insufficient provision of hot water and others. These problems do not necessarily need professional help. Just a bit of know how and you're done to troubleshoot your water heater on your own. Hold the gun. Shoot shoot!


No hot water at all! What happened?
People are often exhausted when the hot water provision suddenly stops. Since in the case of tankless hot water, we are supposed to never run short of hot water, a non-supply doesn't make sense. But the trick is simple. The circuit breaker has the problem (in most cases) As the circuit disturbs, the system disturbs and thus fails to provide hot water. So when this happens, check the circuit to see if the current is passing through the terminals. Next, press ''Reset'' and gurrrr the hot water supply has started again.

Noisy Tank
One reason why the tank of a Tankless Water Heater makes noises is the very process of heating. Heating of cold water may produce some noise but you can easily suspect between a normal and an abnormal noise. The reason why a tank would make weird noises is that it has air flowing through it. This can be caused due to leaks in the water supply pipelines. These leaks allow the air to enter into the pipeline. Also, check the thermostat to make sure the water doesn't boil. Tightening of the valve and fixing of the thermostat can easily fix this problem. If there's a minor pipe leak, use a suitable mixture to seal it.

Brownish Water
Sometimes, on turning the hot water supply on, a brownish colour water comes out. This indicates one of the two problems. Either the water you're receiving through the supply lines is dirty or the inner lining of the water heater has been subjected to rust. In the first case, the solution is to install a water purifier at the main supply line if you're concerned about taking bath with clean water. The solution for the rusted inner lining is nothing better than a replacement. Since the water heater is damaged from the inside and will soon completely corrode, any investment on repair will only be a waste of money.

Does water heater lay eggs? From where comes this rotten egg smell?
If you've a long companionship with tankless Water Heaters, you must have experienced this at some point in life. A weird smell comes from the Water Heater or the water coming out of the Water Heater. The smell is like the smell of rotten eggs. This is because of the presence of Sulphur in the main water supply. Using such a smelly water for everyday use is a horrible dream so to fix this, you'd have to install a water softener or a water purifier that cleans water from all types of impurities, Sulphur included. But there are cases when the problem persists even after installing the water cleaners. In that case, a relocation of supply lines and a newly dug water supply is the only choice.

Bottom Line:
We just showed you how you can fix numerous problems related to Tankless Water Heaters. There is no denying the fact that professionals are after all professionals but there are things that you can do with utmost precision as easily as professionals do. Just some quick DIY.

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